Takanori Aoki, Mitsuoka Motors Development Department Chief Developer

All-new Mitsuoka Galue Launch: We maintained its indispensable existence as a Galue car, says developer

Mitsuoka Motors facelifted their flagship model, the Galue, after five years, and announced that they will release this model on September 4. It costs from 3,866,400 to 4,644,000 yen (consumption tax included.)

Mitsuoka Motors Development Department Chief Developer Takanori Aoki discussed about the development theme: “The theme is a simple concept: maintaining the essence of Galue itself as an indispensable icon despite the new generation Galue models.”

That is because, “If we change the model into something where one might wonder what its concept or name was, it wouldn’t be conveyed to our customers.” Therefore, he said, “We designed it following the first generation model.”

He concretely explained, “Among the Mitsuoka lineups, its huge front grille symbolizes dignity, and from its solid front fender to its shoulder line that runs up to the rear part and expresses its wedge shape, that makes it stylish while being classy.”

He also added, “Its round headlamp that makes you look straight at it creates an upright expression, so it is an indispensable icon. Its rear part’s style was made a bit classical yet it is somewhat modern so as not to be drawn with the heavy impression of its front part.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)