Suzuki Solio Hybrid MZ

New Suzuki Solio Launch: It feels surprisingly wider than its actual size

The new Solio and the new Solio Bandit were announced and released on August 26.

Its overall length, width, and height are 3710mm, 1625mm, and 1745mm respectively. Its height is 20mm lower and its wheelbase is 30mm longer than its predecessor, extending the distance between the front and back passengers by 55mm, its trunk length by 25mm, interior length by 400mm, and interior height by 15mm. The cabin space has become significantly wider.

Yuji Eguchi from the Automobile Design Division’s Interior Design Department said, “We had three working themes when we did the full model change.”

The first theme is “improving its sense of wideness.” They did their best to reduce the protrusion in front of the driver’s seat, as well as the bulging shape of the instrument panel present in the previous generation. Because of the neat design, not only does it actually have a wider space, but it also brings about a certain sense of wideness.

The second theme is “improving its utility,” by improving the layout of the switches and the car navigation. Not even including the performance aspect, placing these switches in convenient places lessens the driver’s burden.

The third theme is “expressing its Solio-ness,” which reflects the survey results taken from previous generation Solio owners. Many male and female respondents commented that a masculine design would make it more stylish. Hence, the interior design reflects that as well.

Although it is fundamentally the same, the Solio Bandit features a partially updated interior designed for the more aggressive youth, as reflected on its meters and seat upholstery.

Eguchi confidently said, “Many customers were surprised when they opened the door of the previous generation Solio and have commented, ‘It’s so wide!’ They will have the same comment for this all-new Solio.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)