MK Seiko booth

2015 GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show: MK Seiko plans to adopt Japanese style in car wash market

The GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) was held in ICE, a trading venue, in Jakarta on August 20. I found a unique exhibitor among the booth of product and goods manufacturer lined up in Hall 1. It’s the MK Seiko, which brought and exhibited car wash equipment from Japan.

Currently, automatic car wash machines are not that popular in Indonesia, as they basically wash cars manually. Given that, Director Kazuo Shiromoto of the MK Seiko General Business Department said, regarding the purpose of the exhibit, “We want to introduce the merits of the automated car wash technology.”

The automobile market in Indonesia is currently expanding. In line with this, it is only natural that the demand for car washing is increasing as well. What kind of appeal does it particularly have? Director Shiromoto clearly explained, “Its main features are water conservation, labor reduction, and a balanced overall quality.”

In the automation of car washing, even though the initial investment is high, it reduces the water cost as it necessarily controls the amount of water being used, aside from the fact that it reduces the cost of labor. As the customer’s turnover rate rises with a fast operation, this becomes directly proportional to cost reduction and profit ratio.

They also said that one of its highlights is that they offer equally high-quality utility for this product. “Gone are the days when people say that the car’s body gets scratched when using an automated car wash machine. We also want to introduce its great attribute, being eco-friendly, as it doesn’t make you waste water resources,” Director Shiromoto explained.

This time, they want to promote this product in service areas, gasoline stations and car wash shops just like in Japan. While its market potential is still unknown, they are probing Indonesia’s unique needs starting now.

“Of course, we cannot adopt the Japanese style as it is. Thus, we want to consider the ‘Indonesian way’, together with our customers,” Director Shiromoto said, regarding this new perspective.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)