Suzuki president Toshihiro Suzuki at unveiling of new Solio

New Suzuki Solio Launch: President Suzuki says new Solio important model for reaching 100,000 unit sales goal for compacts

Suzuki has made the first major changes to its Solio compact minivan in about 5 years and the new model was unveiled on August 26. It’s a “mild hybrid” that gets a performance boost through using renewable energy and a motor, which put it at the top of its class for energy efficiency with 27.8km/liter.

At a Tokyo press conference to unveil the new model, Suzuki president Toshihiro Suzuki said, “Our yearly mid-term sales plan for domestic compact sales (until 2019) is 100,000 units and the Solio is an extremely important part, especially in the early stages.”

Competing with Daihatsu, Suzuki’s domestic sales of kei-cars make up about 90%, but with a sales goal of 80,000 for compacts, its market share is not so significant. According to Suzuki, the Solio and Swift make up 90% of total compact sales. He says, “We want to maximize the potential of these two models.”

This is the first new model since Toshihiro Suzuki took his position at the end of June, but he says he feels confident about it, citing features like the fact that it’s the first to use the newly developed platform for A segment cars. The company plans to sell 3,500 units of the Solio series monthly.

(Translated by Greg Scott)