Suzuki Solio Hybrid MZ

New Suzuki Solio Launch: Photo Feature – interior space becomes wider with newly developed platform, has new hybrid version

Suzuki released the facelift model of the compact tall wagon Solio on August 26. This facelift model adopts a newly developed platform, a newly developed K12C engine, and a mild hybrid system, and it produces a JC08 mode fuel consumption of 27.8km/L. As for its current ratio, it became lighter by 100kg and its overall weight is less than 1,000kg.

Its body size is almost the same as the current Solio model, and its overall height was made lower by 20mm. It has an overall length of 3..710mm, overall width of 1,625mm, and an overall height of 1,745mm. However, it has a bigger cabin space.

Together with its wheelbase that was extended by 30mm, the distance between the front and back passengers was extended by 55mm, its trunk length by 25mm, interior length by 400mm, and interior height by 15mm. As for its cabin, since the shape of its instrument panel was designed to make it more compact, its legroom was made wider and it felt more comfortable, with a feeling of freedom.

The concept of its exterior design is “a styling that can be adaptable to a wider class.” Its front metallic grille was attached with an LED position lamp, and aside from the LED illumination on the front grille, it also adopts a body cross-section that emphasizes its solidity from the sides through the rear part. It has new colors: Clear Lime Metallic, Quartz Pink, Classy Brown Metallic, and Fervent Red

Its price starts from 1,454,760 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)