All-new Suzuki Solio

All-new Suzuki Solio Launch: Has 27.8km/L fuel consumption with mild hybrid, price starts from 1.45 million yen

Suzuki has facelifted the compact cars Solio and Solio Bandit, and released these cars on August 26.

These facelift models were equipped with a newly developed platform for compact cars for the first time. Its rigidity, quietness, collision safety performance, and running performance were greatly improved, and it achieved a lighter weight. For its compact body size, its interior’s length tops its class with 2,515mm. The distance between the front and rear passengers is ample, with 1,080mm of space between. Its interior height is 1,360mm.

It is installed with a newly developed 1.2L K12C-type dual jet engine, and a mild hybrid that assists its engine using a motor during acceleration. Moreover, it achieved a lighter weight of 100kg so it has both a 27.8km/L fuel consumption that tops its class and a powerful running performance.

In addition, it became more user-friendly and pleasant because it already has slide doors so the backseats are now more accessible to ride; a more convenient rear seat; a more spacious luggage and storage space; a memory navigation system that has a multi-around monitor, and the like. It was also completed with safety technology such as dual brake support.

The Solio costs from 1,454,760 to 1,967,760 yen, while the Solio Bandit costs from 1,825,000 to 1,951,560 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)