Mitsuoka Viewt Toyama

Mitsuoka launches concept car Viewt Toyama & collaborates with Toyama’s traditional crafts

Mitsuoka Motors will launch and exhibit the compact car Viewt Toyama, that has had its interior designed with the traditional craft of Toyama Prefecture, on August 22 and 23, during the 41st Inami Wood Carving Festival at the Inami Wood Carving Cooperative (Nanto, Toyama).

Mitsuoka Motors manufactured the Viewt Toyama as a Toyama car like no other with their thoughts of imparting the beauty of its hometown Toyama to many people, and they will feature the traditional crafts of Toyama such as Inami Wood Carving and the Etchu Washi.

The Viewt Toyama was based on the Viewt compact sedan, and it’s a concept car that is definitely “Made in TOYAMA,” with interiors that are designed with the traditional Toyama crafts by Inami Wood Carving and Etchu Washi.

On the wooden Classic Instrument Panel that can be optionally equipped, the magnificent view of the Tateyama mountain range which can be viewed across Toyama Bay, and the beautiful scenery of the Amaharashi Kaigan and the like, were crafted using Inami Wood Carving’s “Ranma” technique.

It is equipped with a wooden panel, and using the Etchu Washi, a fellow Toyama traditional craft, they carved a wooden flower, and garnished some petals on the parcel board; it expresses the beauty of Toyama to all over the country.

From now on, Mitsuoka will continue to spread the beauty of Toyama, Hokuriku, and consequently Japan, around the world. They also want to design a “collaborative car where people can rediscover the beauty of local industries” to inspire and revitalize everyone.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)