Suzuki Spacia T

Suzuki equips S-Ene Charge to turbo version of Spacia

Suzuki has just developed new grades for the Spacia and Spacia Custom, which have turbocharged engines mated to a S-Ene Charge system, a motor that assists the engine during acceleration. They released these models on August 18.

These turbocharged-equipped models, compared to their NA counterpart, have increased motor-assistance from the S-Ene Charge system, improving performance and fuel-efficiency. It has achieved a low fuel consumption of 26.8km/L (JC08 mode), making it the top in its class.

There’s one grade of turbo for the Spacia while the Spacia Custom now has two grades, the XS turbo and the GS turbo, so you now have more choices. All models, be they NA or turbo, have the the eco-car tax reduction applied to them.

Also, in addition to the dual camera brake support, a crash mitigation system with the stereo camera equipment, and the memory navigation system attached with multi-around monitor, it is also furnished with the new cruise control system and a 7-speed manual mode paddle shift.

Moreover, since the Spacia T adopts a metallic front grille that has LED head lights, its intense appearance was uniquely designed.

The price of the Spacia T (2WD) is 1,490,400 yen, while the Spacia Custom GS Turbo (2WD) costs 1,603,800 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)