New Toyota Land Cruiser

All-new Land Cruiser: Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense Package, is the pedestrian detection function needed for off-road driving?

Toyota Motor Corporation partially updated its Land Cruiser and launched it on August 17.The biggest highlight of the all-new Land Cruiser is the debut of the active safety package, the Toyota Safety Sense P.

The Land Cruiser, since its birth, has been running in every possible region in the world. The Land Cruiser is also sold to those regions that are unforgiving and unrelenting to humans, like the wide, endless wilderness and tropical rainforests. Is the active safety package necessary to drive in those “harsh areas?”

Sadayoshi Koyari from the Product Planning Group and Chief Engineer for the Land Cruiser explained: “We have to proactively consider the safety of this car for global use.”

The all-new Land Cruiser showcases the advanced new safety package that include the following functions: the Pre-collision System with pedestrian detection; the Radar Cruise Control with brake control; the Lane Departure Alert (LDA), which alerts the driver when the car starts to deviate from the lane; and the Automatic High Beam (AHB), which detects the headlights of oncoming vehicles and the tail lights of vehicles ahead, and then automatically switches between high beams and low beams.

The Land Cruiser is not just used for off-road driving, for it is also used in densely populated areas like emerging nations and developed countries. Only the mid- and top-grades of the Land Cruiser 200 are offered in the Japanese market. Another grade, which won’t be available in Japan, is offered in the global market, and this grade is not equipped with Safety Sense.

Furthermore, the Land Cruiser 200 offered in Japan also has additional safety and driver assistance features that enhance the driving support functions, such as the “under floor view,” which can check the positioning of tires and safety conditions under the vehicle, and the “front view rotating display,” which can check the shape of the road surface ahead and intuitively confirm the inclination of the vehicle. Both features are world firsts. In addition to the reliability and the safeness of the base model that have been cultivated by the Land Cruiser’s 60 years of heritage, the all-new model is equipped with advanced devices that enhance its overall safety performance.

Koyari further added: “We believe that the price of the Land Cruiser will become much higher if we offer it with a safety package in those regions that don’t need it. The safety package does not contradict off-road driving. That is why it will be available at the dealerships for those customers who wish to have it.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)