New Toyota Land Cruiser

All-new Toyota Land Cruiser: The reason why the 200 doesn’t have a diesel engine

Toyota Motor Corporation partially updated its Land Cruiser 200 and launched it on August 17. There are four grades available with varying features and options. The Land Cruiser 200, however, only comes with a 4.6-liter V8 gasoline engine.

Toyota partially updated the Land Cruiser Prado last June with a diesel engine. That became a big topic because it has been eight years since the Land Cruiser family had been mounted with a diesel engine. Would there not be the option to equip the new model with a diesel engine?

Sadayoshi Koyari from the Product Planning Group and Chief Engineer for the Land Cruiser talked about the high demand for diesel:

“With its rank and weight, this car won’t be valuable if it is not mounted with a V8 engine. That is why it is not mounted with the Prado’s four-cylinder engine. The price of the car is a very important factor to consider when building a car in a segment or a hierarchy.”

Just like its forerunner, the new model is mounted with a 1UR-FE engine. The engine unit has a good track record for approximately eight years now. Koyari added regarding the reliability of this option:

“We want to examine it for the future (including downsizing the engine) because environmental performance is important as well. Regarding the new model, we will be offering it with a trusted powertrain. Trust is something that you create and build for a long time. You can’t keep changing it.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)