Subaru BRZ tS

Works Tuning Group Test: BRZ tS with firm steering, Levorg with tight running performance, STI

STI is Subaru’s in-house tuner. Its headquarters was established in the Tokyo office of Fuji Heavy Industries so you can feel its strong relation with the company.

The direct works tuning groups of the manufacturers launched a test driving event where they gathered their completed cars that they are proud of. STI brought two machines for this event.

One of those models is the Levorg, which is equipped with the STI Package. The parts outfitted in these models are the STI Style Package, that has a set of front and rear spoilers and side skirts (for 147,960 yen), and the STI Performance Package, which includes a side skirt lip, flexible tower bar, flexible draw stiffener, and the like (for 229,932 yen).

Normally, the Levorg is outfitted with 16-inch or 17-inch tires, but the model for the test drive was equipped with 225/45R18-sized Dunlop Sport Maxx tires.

The Levorg went through minor changes so it has a gentler running performance, and even though you feel that the performance is a bit spoiled when you enjoy its handling, you’ll find out that it is equipped with STI parts and has a firmer running performance with bigger tires. Moreover, I can remember how great it was that the riding feel was not interrupted.

The other model is the completed car, the Subaru BRZ tS. Of course, it is equipped with parts you can generally think about, like the Bilstein shock absorbers (handstand type), a Brembo brake system, a leather-covered steering wheel, Recaro seats, and the like. It’s perfect because it even uses enhanced parts like a large diameter driving shaft.

The base price of the 6-speed MT type is 3.99 million yen, while the 6-speed AT costs 4.071 million yen. It is limited to 300 units, and 100 out of these units have a Sunrise Yellow body color.

I felt the high rigidity of its front area when I drove this car. The steering area has a high stability, and I had an impression that it has firm steering. The response of the tires was great when I turned the steering wheel, and it was quick. Its brakes were also steady when I stepped on them, and it seems set for you to enjoy a sporty driving.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)