Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV Van

Mitsubishi cuts price of Minicab MiEV by a maximum of 240,000 yen, actual price of the Truck is 1,472,200 yen

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation made some minor changes to the Minicab MiEV Van and Minicab MiEV Truck, kei cars for business use. In addition, with the aim to promote the popularization of EVs, they cut the price of the vehicle body and will release it on July 29.

This time, they cut the price of the Minicab MiEV Van by about a maximum of 240,000 yen, so it now costs 1,799,280 to 2,450,520 yen. They cut the price of the Minicab MiEV Truck by about 120,000 yen, so it now costs 1,582,200 yen. Furthermore, the Minicab MiEV Truck’s actual price is 1,472,200 yen, which is the most expensive model among EVs, because it adopts a grant-in-aid for promotion measures (maximum amount of 110,000 yen), that has been introduced to Clean Energy vehicles.

In addition, in this minor improvement, they equipped all models of both vehicles with a fast charging function. The establishment of fast chargers in service areas on the highway, convenience stores, road stations, and accommodations is progressing. Therefore, it is possible to do short-time charging on the go.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)