Mistuoka Viewt Nadeshiko

Mistuoka Viewt Nadeshiko Launch: Miniaturized vehicle to be chosen by women more, production period took 2 to 3 months

Mitsuoka Motors has unveiled on July 16, its flagship compact sedan, the Viewt Nadeshiko. They will launch it on July 18.

The appearance of the Viewt is similar to that of a classic car and 60% of its buyers are women. What is the reason they unveiled the feminine Nadeshiko? Chief Developer Takanori Aoki was asked about it.

First, “The Nadeshiko is 50cm or more shorter than the Viewt sedan, so its total length is less than four meters. It is less than four meters because that’s one definition of a ‘compact car,’ so we made it smaller,” said Aoki as he decribed its miniaturization. Then he revealed something from a customer’s feedback saying, “Since its size is big, it won’t fit in the garage.”

Its total width is 15cm shorter than the Viewt Sedan. This is because the bumpers attached to the front and rear have forms that do not overhang on the left and right sides.

According to Aoki, the size of the Viewt Sedan is not a problem for men, but many women felt that it was big. In fact, despite the interest in the Viewt, there are customers who go with other company’s vehicles because of its size. This has led to the Viewt’s development.

“Its development was fast. It took about two to three months,” as Aoki explained that they were able to finish its development in a short time.

Although its price is 1,674,000 yen, which is quite low, Aoki said with confidence, “By adding options, we have created a vehicle that will not lose to a luxury vehicle.”

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)