Honda N-ONE

Honda updates N-ONE and Modulo X with loads of features

On July 17, Honda Motor Company released its updated N-ONE mini car.

This minor upgrade involved the addition of metallic moldings on its front grille and bumper. For select models, the revamped N-ONE comes with door sash moldings to accentuate its side view and combination seats that offer superior quality. In addition, all models excluding the G type are standardized with auto-retractable side mirrors and Honda’s Special Package + In-vehicle ETC for navigation.

By redesigning its roof, spoiler, and low-down suspension, Honda has also reduced its height by 65mm to 1,545mm, offering a sporty and lowered appearance that meets the size requirements for many parking lots in Japan.

Three new colors including Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic, British Green Pearl, and Premium Pink Pearl have been added to expand its lineup to 28 color variations.

The Honda N-ONE is priced from 1,185,000 yen to 1,787,400 yen.

Moreover, the fully loaded Modulo X brand will also be available for the N-ONE. It comes equipped with an exclusive aero bumper, front grille, side sill garnish, and other exterior parts, along with a highly rigid bumper beam, an exclusively designed muffler, suspension, brake pad, and aluminum wheels. Furthermore, the EPS and CVT (S mode) have been exclusively tuned to offer a superior and smooth ride.

The N-ONE Modulo X is priced at 1,898,000 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)