Mitsuoka Viewt Nadeshiko

Mitsuoka Viewt Nadeshiko Launch: The classic five-door hatchback, a new compact car alternative

Mitsuoka Motors exhibited the new edition of the Viewt, the Viewt Nadeshiko, to the public on July 16. They announced that it will be launched on July 18.

The Viewt is a classic compact car that is based on the Nissan March. This time, they added the five-door hatchback Nadeshiko model.

Right after the greetings of President Akio Mitsuoka at the presentation, the Chief Designer in charge of development, Takanori Aoki, explained the concept of the Nadeshiko. First, he mentioned, “The overall height of the Viewt sedan is approximately 4,500mm, but we have heard many comments from female and elder customers that it was too big,” regarding its downsized version; thus, they shortened its overall height by 535mm and its width by 15mm compared to the sedan, to a size that corresponded with the comments from their customers.

Regarding its backdoor, he also said, “The trunk of a sedan is small so it also has a small opening. For female drivers and passengers, they prefer to put all their luggage in all at once. Hence, we made its loading capacity larger.”

Chief Designer Aoki himself named the Nadeshiko. The reason for the name was, “We finished it with an image of a lady who is elegant and has a pure heart, while being dignified and sweet at the same time.” When he also said that they had an image of it as something “small yet moves swiftly,” he laughingly assured that “This has nothing to do with soccer.”

Lastly, Aoki encouragingly said, “There are not many classic-type hatchbacks; thus, we hope that this will become a new compact car alternative,” as he emphasized its uniqueness.

It has five standard colors, and it also has 30 other colors that are available as an option. Its price is 1,674,000 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)