Toyota Sienta X

Photo Feature: New Toyota Sienta Launch – New design offers theater layout with better view for all 3 rows of seats

On July 9, Toyota unveiled the new Sienta compact minivan, which was designed along the concept of “Active & Fun.” It offers useful features for both the interior and exterior to support a wide variety of lifestyles.

In accordance with the key phrase “Active & Fun,” the exterior design is reminiscent of a trekking shoe. The design offers functionality and a feeling of forward motion.

With a design reminiscent of trekking shoes, it offers both functionality and a sense of motion in accordance with the key phrase “Active & Fun.” The silhouette and beltline are set in a theater layout which raises the level of the backseats, giving the front cabin a feeling of forward inclination. In addition to offering 8 body colors including the new Air Yellow, color accents have been added to the front grille, front bumper and other areas. A total of 5 “Flex Tone” colors accentuate both its active and casual character.

The hybrid and gasoline versions have the same low floor since both the battery and thin fuel tank are located under the second seat.

The sliding door’s boarding height is 330mm for the 2WD, which is 55mm lower than the existing model, and the doorway width is 50mm wider at 665mm, making boarding and getting out easier. Furthermore, the theater layout allows all three rows of seats a good view. Knee clearance is expanded 25mm for the second seat and 70mm for the third seat.

There are 7-seater and 6-seater versions available.

(Translated by Greg Scott)