Teaser image of the all-new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi’s all-new Pajero Sport revealed by Thai media ahead of its launch

Mitsubishi’s all-new Pajero Sport set to debut next month in Bangkok, Thailand was revealed through photos taken by an overseas automotive media.

On July 12, Thailand’s HEADLIGHT magazine posted complete shots of the 2016 Pajero Sport without any camouflage. We can see from the scooped photos that it features Mitsubishi’s latest design technology.

The Pajero Sport was first launched back in 1996 and was sold as the “Challenger” in the Japanese market. Mitsubishi’s current and second-generation Pajero Sport debuted in 2008. Unlike the first model, it was not released in Japan and has been sold mainly in Thailand and other Asian markets.

The Pajero Sport to be unveiled in Bangkok on August 1 is its third-generation model. According to HEADLIGHT magazine, these images were captured when they were shooting a TV commercial in Thailand’s urban district.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)