Toyota Sienta G

Photo Feature: New Toyota Sienta Launch – A gasoline vehicle with 20.6km/liter fuel efficiency and better potential

Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled the new Sienta, a compact minivan. The new Sienta is also available as a hybrid; one of its new features. The gasoline vehicle is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine, and it can achieve 20.6km/liter fuel efficiency.

The catchphrase “Active and Fun” was adopted for the new Sienta, and a sporty exterior that eliminates the concept of minivans that have the traditional square box shape was adopted as well. Mazda aimed for a design that has an impression similar to trekking shoes, and one that shows functionality and uplifting feelings to make you want to go out and use it spontaneously.

Its interior focuses on functionality and operability, which achieved a high-quality indoor space. In addition, because of the high-efficiency package on the low flat floor, it has excellent boarding and disembarking with its spacious indoor space and 330mm high sliding door (2WD vehicles), while still being compact.

The Atkinson Cycle was adopted on the 2NR-FKE engine and on the hybrid model. In addition, it adopted cooled EGR and VVT-iE to have both fuel efficiency and power performance. The idling stop is built and set up to achieve the 2020 Fuel Economy Standard. In addition, having acquired the certificate for the 2005 Gas Emission Standards 75% Reduction level, the vehicle is entitled to the eco-car tax reduction.

Its body size is 4236mm×1695mm×1675mm (full-length×full-width×full-height). Its wheelbase is 2750mm. Its minimum turning radius is 5.2m and its minimum ground clearance is 145mm for 2WD and 130mm for 4WD. Its body color is available in eight colors, including the newly developed Air Yellow color. It costs 1,689,709 yen to 2,329,855 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)