New Sienta tumble seat

New Toyota Sienta Launch: You can easily operate the new “tumble seats” with just one hand

Toyota Motor launched the new Sienta on July 9. Foldable seats have become absolutely necessary when you want to adjust the space inside the car according to your preference. And this is best materialized by operating the “tumble seats” with just one hand.

When you pull up the lever located on the side of the second row seats, the axle point is on the front direction below the seats, and when you rotate it, the seat can be folded forward. It won’t take much effort as you only pull up the lever with one hand; this makes it easier for you to fold the seats.

When you store the third row seats below the second row seats (dive-in storing function), you will have a bigger space at the back of the second row seats.

Until the previous generation models, the seats can be moved frontward; after that, it was necessary to slide the seats frontward to make it parallel to the rail (the tip up and long slide seats). According to Eiichi Sakuma, interior design in-charge under the Second Body Planning Department, “The best feature in the new Sienta’s seats are the tumble seats. Tumble literally implies rotation. It’s because of this that its operability has improved. Aside from that, it doesn’t have a sliding rail, thus there is no unevenness on the floor of the second row anymore.”

“The second row seats have become 20mm wider, and its material doesn’t make you feel tired, compared to the previous models,” he said, emphasizing its enhanced livability.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)