Toyota Sienta initial sketch

New Toyota Sienta Launch: Its motif is “trekking shoes”

The design motif of the new Toyota Sienta is “trekking shoes.”

Toyota Motor Design Headquarters’ Design Department Chief Takeshi Gou stated that. “While a lot of people in town have been living the life of the fashion conscious, we can still see many people wearing trekking shoes nowadays. We thought that this image would suit the ‘Active & Fun’ design concept of the Sienta, thus we made it our motif,” he explained.

Particularly, the black garnish of the Sienta represents the part that protects the trekking shoes. Gou comments on the value of this black garnish, “We thought that yellow, green, and other body colors would look more attractive with this.”

Moreover, its effectiveness is brought about by its design expressing overall balance. “In spite of its tall height since it is a minivan, it would make you feel that it has a stable drivability with overall balance since its garnish was designed and placed on the lower part of the car,” he added.

As another feature of its design, it adopted a sophisticated “theater layout” towards the back of the vehicle. He said, “We tilted its roof line and wedged its belt line so it looks a bit higher at the back part.”

As it has a high rear part, it would also be advantageous for the manufacturers who are also creating the Welcab cars. The roof end of the Welcab cars have been made higher recently. However, while the Sienta uses the same body as the Welcab (and a similar price), it’s roof has been made slanting, but opposite to the latter’s direction.

According to Gou, “The end of its wedge roof was made higher, so the top part of the opening of its rear gate has become higher as well; it is sloping. As its design concept is ‘Active & Fun,’ we want more people on wheelchairs to enjoy going out with their family members as well. It is our dream that they will be able to enjoy as much as the others with their family.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)