Honda N-WGN C

Honda establishes affordable basic type for N-WGN priced at 1,090,000 yen

On July 10, Honda Motor Company released its affordable C class for the N-WGN, G・L Package for the N-WGN revolving passenger’s seat model, and the SS Cool Package special edition for the N-WGN Custom.

Priced at 1,090,000 yen, the new C grade is the N-WGN’s basic model. It comes equipped with carefully selected features, which include Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system, Emergency Stop Signal, Hill Start Assist function, fully automatic air conditioner, and a keyless entry system.

Based on the G grade, the new G・L Package for the revolving passenger’s seat model offers enhanced features including IR-cut/UV-cut front windshield and windows, fully automatic air conditioner w/ plasmacluster technology and auto-retractable side mirrors. The G・L Package is priced at 1,425,000 yen for the FF model.

For a reasonable price, the SS Cool Package special edition offers a chrome metallic front grille for the N-WGN Custom’s G・L Package (1,470,000 yen for FF) and G Turbo Package (1,520,000 yen for FF).

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)