Toyota Sienta, a vehicle equipped with Modellista parts

New Toyota Sienta Launch: Toyota Modellista releases various customized parts

Because of the remodeled Sienta, Toyota Modelista has a lineup of various customized parts. These were released on July 9, through Toyota dealers nationwide.

For its exterior parts, Toyota released an aero kit, with a mix of a bold and a progressive design. They provided two kinds of aero kits, the Aero Kit A (to be released in October) with which one can enjoy the matching design of the front, side and rear, and the Aero Kit B, which has a prominent, practical image positioned on the front and rear. In addition, a rear spoiler, casually designed with black color in the center, and a Cool Shine Kit that produces a contrasting matte which shines like a mirror, are made available.

In addition, to assist getting on and off the vehicle at night and at low lighting, an LED Smart Grip Light that produces an indirect light when you are closing the door, an LED Smart Foot Light that illuminates the floor when you are opening and closing the slide door, and an LED Shift Knob that enhances operability by showing the shift position using an LED light on the shift knob, are available as utility parts.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)