Takanori Aoki, section chief of the development department at Mitsuoka Motor

New improved Mitsuoka Ryugi: Same design with enhanced safety and “popular among women”

Mitsuoka Motors will start selling an improved Ryugi with enhanced safety features on July 3. Prices will be 2.263 to 3.197 million yen.

The improvements were made following minor changes in its base car, the Toyota Corolla Axio. The Ryugi now offers the same new safety features available in the Axio: a Pre-Collision Safety System, a Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beam headlights, Preceding Vehicle Start Notification, Drive-Start Control, and an Emergency Brake Signal.

The new features will be standard for both the hybrid model and DX grade gasoline model. Features other than the Drive-start Control and Emergency Brake Signal will be optional for the ST grade gasoline model.

While the Corolla Axio went through a major facelift on the occasion of its minor changes, only the additional safety features have been adopted for the Ryugi and no other changes have been made.

“Despite its somewhat old man’s appearance, the Ryugi has a surprisingly large number of female owners,” said Takanori Aoki, responsible for the development of the car.” “Women like its square-shaped cabin and the basic look that’s typical for a car. That’s why we didn’t change the design and only touched it up inside.”

He also said that in adding the new safety features, the radars and sensors used for the Pre-Collision Safety System have been checked and adjusted due to the shape of the body which differs significantly from the base car.

(Translated by Eriko Sugita)