Mitsuoka Ryugi

Mitsuoka Ryugi features enhanced safety with Toyota Safety Sense C

On July 3, Mitsuoka Motors will release their updated Ryugi mid-class sedan.

The Ryugi was released last June and features Mitsuoka’s first ever hybrid model. Based on Toyota’s Corolla Axio, it comes loaded with a vertical radiator grille, large metallic bumper, a box-shaped cabin, and rounded fender arches. The Ryugi is popular for its classic design as well.

For this minor update, Mitsuoka has enhanced its safety features. The Ryugi comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense C, which was established on the upgraded Axio base model. (available as an option for the 15ST and 15ST 4WD)

Toyota Safety Sense C is a safety package that combines Toyota’s Pre-Collision Safety System to help prevent and mitigate collisions, Lane Departure Alert that alerts drivers when departing from their lane, and Automatic High Beam that ensures clear frontal visibility at night.

The Mitsuoka Ryugi is priced from 2,262,600 yen to 3,196,800 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)