Toyota Prius PHV

Toyota upgrades Prius PHV and drops price

In addition to making minor improvements to the Prius PHV, Toyota has lowered the price and the improved model went on sale June 29.

Toyota has changed the seat upholstery to synthetic leather and added LED headlamps with low-beam auto-leveling and pop-up headlamp cleaners as a standard feature for the G class to give it a more advanced and higher quality feel.

The grades have also been reorganized and repriced. The S’s price was dropped about 140,000 yen to 2,945,314 yen and the G’s price dropped about 80,000 yen to 3,210,429 yen. The new versions will be eligible for the Clean Energy Vehicle Promotion Subsidy starting at about 2,830,000 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)