Car equipped with Subaru XV STI Performance Package

Photo Feature: Subaru XV STI Performance Package for STI’s “strong and supple” drive

The STI Performance Package for the Subaru XV puts together the Flexible Tower Bar, front spoiler especially designed for the XV, side under-spoiler, rear spoiler and flexible draw stiffener.

The Flexible Tower Bar is a part developed by STI to improve body stiffness. Attached to the front strut towers, it disrupts lateral and vertical unwanted stress.

The flexible draw stiffener is a part that connects the front sub-frame and body to improve steering responsivity by applying tension beforehand to compensate for the tension on the chassis.

These parts are for the driving performance improvement STI is aiming for with its “strong and supple” drive. There is also a Styling Package that’s built with only the three aero parts.

(Translated by Greg Scott)