Suzuki Alto Lapin

Suzuki Alto Lapin Review: “I discovered new things when I got rid of my preconceptions!” by Kenichi Suzuki

The third generation Alto Lapin is a vehicle created to thoroughly meet the needs of young female customers. However, such concept cars often end up incomplete. When I tried driving this though, it was unexpectedly good!

First, its interior is comfortable. A meter with clock form and the car navigator with a photo frame form can be seen on the instrument panel, which imitates a wood table. The seats and the ceiling seemingly have a quilting style. It is similar to sitting on a living room sofa. In addition, it has a spacious feeling because of its interior color with a very bright shade on the glass area.

It is also easy to operate. Its visibility is wider than many other cars’. The front window has a sharp angle. The side window is also wide because of the side line that falls through its waistline. When I looked at the back, I noticed that its diagonal, rear field of vision was also good. Furthermore, it has an omni-directional monitor that checks the surroundings from above the vehicle. The level of security when parking is high. In addition, the collision avoidance automatic brake on all grades is standardly equipped on the Alto Lapin. Its presence would make people who are worried about driving definitely happy.

Lastly, it is also practical for use. It achieved 35.6km/liter gas mileage. Through the latest technology that Suzuki is proud of called ene-charge, the idling stop, and the eco-cool, this model has become on a par with hybrid vehicles in the previous generation. The space in the rear seat is specially worthy of mention. Front and rear space are maintained for an adult to be able to cross legs given the space. The presence of a luggage compartment is still a good thing even if it’s in a four-seater vehicle. There is ample storage space at the center of the front seats. Furthermore, it also has an auto air conditioner with seat heater and nanoe system. Its equipments are also complete.

Its running performance, however, is not actually remarkable. Despite that, its power performance is necessary and sufficient. The handling is stable. So what, right? It is not a sports car that pursues running performance. Thus, the former is not a problem at all.

Overall, the Alto Lapin is a practical vehicle that is comfortable and easy to drive. It wasn’t built with a man’s point of view, thus its internal and external design are quite original. Although it is not specifically marketed to women, it’s not a strange thing to have men actually like it.

Come to think of it, women generally have the same interest in car mechanism as men. In the end, gender does not matter when perceived as a particular user’s vehicle. It is, however, different in terms of hobby. A vehicle born of women’s perspective is created quite originally.

That said, the character displayed in the monitor is a bit difficult to grasp for an old man like me. It would be good if there is a version for men that has the same content.

â– 5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★★
Interior/Comfort: ★★★★
Power Source: ★★★
Footwork: ★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★

Kenichi Suzuki|Automotive Journalist (Automobile Journalists Association of Japan)

He does a wide range of work from new vehicle reviews, state-of-the-art techniques on EV, developer interviews, customer interviews and even drive planning. He is particularly good at interviews where the thoughts of the manufacturer that has a background on products are pick up.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)