Subaru Levorg vehicle equipped with STI performance package

Photo Feature: Subaru Levorg’s STI performance package changes its sports concept?

Each part of the Subaru Levorg was assembled with the STI to enhance its interior and exterior texture and its driving performance. The STI performance package is a product with STI style package equipped with a front, side, and rear under spoiler. In addition, it is given parts that enhance its aerodynamic performance and stability.

The STI skirt lip, a performance package equipment, has a pointed end on the underside of the front under spoiler to have both the under spoiler protector function and dress-up function along with the Clf · Cd reduction effect.

The STI flexible tower bar is a strut tower bar that separates the aluminum tower bar and incorporates a link ball. It utilizes the flexibility on the left and right side, and moderately avoids external pressure from gaps on the road, to hold strongly against lateral forces of the chassis. The result is the improvement on the handling from the daily initial steering until its limit.

The STI flexible draw stiffener is STI’s original sport part installed in between the vehicle body and the cross member. It applies moderate tension and corrects the flexibility of the chassis when driving. It has both an agile initial steering and supple riding comfort.
It, therefore, increases the roadholding of a four-wheel vehicle and its running stability when cornering, and achieves a quick and modest steering feel.

During its development under STI, its image which is “a vehicle with good running performance, but bad riding comfort” is eliminated. It focuses not only on the driver’s, but also fellow passengers’ comfortable stay in the vehicle. Furthermore, they aim to push its potential further without losing balance with the base vehicle.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)