Mazda Roadster

New Mazda Roadster Launch: Orders reach 5,042 units in 1 month, wide range of customers, most of them in their 40s

Mazda Motor Corporation announced that the total number of orders for the new Roadster reached 5,042 units on June 21, exactly one month after its release.

The component ratio of orders by grades are the following: 52% for the S Special Package, 39% for the S Leather Package, and 9% for the S. As for the transmission, 74% of the customers chose manual transmission (MT).

As for the body color, most have chosen soul red premium metallic (41%), followed by ceramic metallic (21%), and crystal white pearl mica (12%). In addition, CD/DCD player + digital terrestrial TV tuner (full segment) are popular as option equipment; 79% of the customers of the S Special Package purchased this.

In terms of age, it is supported by a wide range, mainly by those around 40s, followed by those in their 20s, then 60s. The customers commented, “After having bought this, I now look forward to the next holiday” and “All things that the Roadster consist of, engine, transmission, front and rear weight distribution, are well focused on the fun in driving.”

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)