Lexus RC F GT Concept

2015 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb: Lexus to enter lightweight RC F GT Concept

On June 22, Lexus announced that the RC F GT Concept will compete in the 93rd Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb on June 28 in the US.

The Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, which was first held in 1916 in Colorado Springs, is the world’s most famous hill climb race. Competitors race up the 20km course all at once and the one that does it fastest wins. The start is at 2800m and the goal is at 4300m. Due to its rise of 1500m, 156 corners, and the lack of oxygen as competitors near the goal, it’s a rough race where racers have to drive with about 30% less power than usual.

Lexus’s RC F GT Concept, which is based on the RC’s high performance model the RCF, will compete in the race’s Time Attack Class.

The RC F GT Concept is lighter than the mass market RC F. The composite materials used in its construction make it about 360kg lighter. Its body weight is 1420kg. The 5L V8 gasoline engine which puts out 467hp and 8-speed automatic transmission have just a few small changes in their software. The exterior has a few improvements for aerodynamics such as large-sized rear wings.

The driver will be FIA GT world champion and Le Mans 24 Hours winner Justin Bell.

(Translated by Greg Scott)