Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV G Premium Package

Photo Feature: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Release – Brown leather enhances quality of its interior

On July 9, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will release their updated Outlander PHEV. In addition to its highly anticipated redesigned exterior, the interior styling and the overall quality of the all-new Outlander PHEV have been upgraded from its previous model.

Mitsubishi has established a new four-spoke design steering wheel with a fine quality leather cover for enhanced quality. The seating upholstery has been improved as well with the addition of a brown leather trim and suede-type artificial leather.

From a performance standpoint, Mitsubishi has boosted the feel, responsiveness, and accuracy of its steering by increasing the rigidity of the body and suspension mounts along with maintaining accurate transmission of inputs to the body from the steering wheel and suspension. In addition, larger diameter shock absorbers have been established at the rear for better road stability and comfort.

Over 30 adjustments have been made including the addition of sound absorbing and insulation materials, damping material and dynamic dampers for substantial reduction in engine, road, and wind noises.

The exterior measures at 4,695 x 1,800 x 1,710mm (length x width x height) with a wheelbase of 2,670mm and cargo weight of 1,880kg. The Outlander PHEV is priced from 3,596,400 yen to 4,590,000 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)