Daihatsu Copen Cero

Photo Feature: Daihatsu Copen Cero Release – The return of round headlights

On June 18, Daihatsu released their third-gen Copen Cero mini sports convertible equipped with round headlights.

Based on its design concept of “friendly and dynamic evolution”, the Copen Cero represents familiarity and liveliness through its “flowing drop silhouette”. The Copen Cero is the first mini car to feature Bi-Angle LED headlights that can switch between high-and low beams through a single light source. Its LED clearance lights are uniquely shaped to illuminate beyond its rings.

As for the cabin, it features the same beige interior as the Robe and comes with its Red Interior Pack as an exclusive option for the Cero. The instrument panel is a horizontally stretched out frame called “straight frame” that enhances sportiness to its interior.

The current Robe and the new Cero are the first production models in the world that allow users to switch the outer panel (excluding the doors) as well as the headlights and other lighting. In addition, Daihatsu has established Dress parts as a dealer option.

From a performance standpoint, the new Cero is exactly the same as the Robe and XPLAY. The transmission comes available in manual and CVT with a fuel-efficiency of 22.2km/liter for the manual transmission and 25.2km/liter for the CVT. The engine displacement is the same 658cc as well.

The same measurements also apply to its exterior with the body measuring at 3,395 x 1,475 x 1,280mm (length x width x height) and the wheelbase at 2,230mm long. The cargo weight for the manual transmission model is 850kg while the CVT version weighs 870kg. The price for the Copen Cero ranges from 1,852,200 yen to 1,873,800 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)