Daihatsu Copen Cero

Daihatsu Copen Cero Release: Third-generation model accompanies the Robe and XPLAY at Copen Factory

At a media event on June 16, Chief Engineer Osamu Fujishita of Daihatsu’s product planning department announced that the Copen Cero will be added to its current lineup of models being produced at the Copen Factory.

The Copen Factory is an exclusive production plant for the Copen located on-site at Daihatsu’s headquarters and Ikeda Plant. Since July 2014, they have been conducting tours of the factory for owners of the Copen. The entrance of the Copen Factory is decorated with a Copen Cero in British Green Mica coloring and its test drive models have already been produced.

The Cero will be assembled on the same production line as the Robe and XPLAY.

The Copen Cero featuring its round headlights was released on June 18 starting from 1,852,200 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)