Daihatsu Copen Cero

Daihatsu Copen Cero Launch: Round-eye headlights return with 3rd gen Copen, changing from the Robe costs 350,000 yen

Daihatsu launched the Copen Cero, the third generation model of the kei open sports car Copen on June 18, and it is equipped with round-eyed headlights.

The Copen Cero has the same design and structure with its two preceding models, yet its exterior design has an identity that is similar to that of flowing drops of water with its concept “combination of friendliness and liveliness.” It pursued a sporty image as the instrument panel in the interior was designed with a level-based “straight frame.”

Further, the resin panels that excludes the doors and lighting devices, such as the headlamp of the Copen Cero which was just released, and the Copen Robe, which was released last year, can be traded. It’s their first worldwide mass production, and their dress parts can be set according to the dealer’s option. If you want to change from the Copen Robe to the Copen Cero, the starting price is estimated to be at 350,000 yen.

Daihatsu also released the advanced grade of the Copen Xplay, the Copen Xplay S, on the same day. It is equipped with Club Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel and Bilstein shock absorbers.

The price for the Copen Cero is 1,852,200 yen for CVT and 1,873,800 yen for MT. The Xplay S, on the other hand, is worth 1,998,000 yen for CVT and 2,019,600 yen for MT.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)