Honda Shuttle

Honda Shuttle Launch: New Shuttle offers upgraded interior

Honda says that the idea behind the interior design of its Shuttle was to give the buyer the pride and pleasure of saying, “I bought a Shuttle!”

It says that the previous Fit Shuttle is mostly popular as a model for those who want to downsize. Honda R&D Center’s head interior designer Tomoko Ogawa says, “Our customers are practical in the way they use the Shuttle. They want a vehicle with plenty of storage space that’s fun and easy to use. We want users who buy the Shuttle to feel proud and pleased, like, ‘I bought a Shuttle!'” For this purpose, it’s equipped with a high-deck console that’s on part with any luxury sedan. “It was a challenge just to put a console like that in a car of this class. At the same time, we upgraded it from the previous model in terms of classiness and comfort.”

The new Shuttle makes great use of soft padding, including the passenger side seat. Ogawa says, “The material is soft and the shape has a friendly feeling. We think the attractive appearance really communicates the feeling of luxury we were going for.”

More specifically, a great deal of soft padding is used under the passenger seat’s patterns, and the way it’s designed shows the stitching naturally.

The meters are also distinctively made for the Shuttle. “The Shuttle has large-sized lenses that allow you to easily see the meters,” Says Ogawa. “The lenses are simple, but the ring has a three-dimensional aspect gives them a real sense of depth. The meters have Eco-Teaching and the colors can be changed to suit the owner’s needs.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)