Suzuki Alto Lapin X

Suzuki Alto Lapin Release: X grade features Panasonic’s skin and hair friendly nanoe technology

Panasonic Corporation announced that its nanoe technology has been established on the X grade of Suzuki’s all-new Alto Lapin and Spacia as well as the XS grade of the Spacia Custom.

Panasonic’s nanoe technology is installed on air purification systems, air conditioners, driers, and steamers to remove odors and inhibit viruses and bacteria.

Due to optimization of the discharge unit and the cooling mechanism, this nanoe system has increased radical generation by 1.5 times compared to previous devices and reduced energy consumption and weight by 50% and 30% respectively for these Suzuki vehicles.

These devices are installed on automatic air conditioners with nanoe emitted from the air conditioning nozzle on the front. Nanoe is a nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particle that has a lifespan lasting about six times longer than regular ions and are delivered to wider areas. It also contains around 1,000 times more moisture than regular negative ions and its weak acidity is great for nourishing skin and hair.

Nanoe generating devices are supplied by Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)