Suzuki Alto Lapin X

Photo Feature: Suzuki Alto Lapin Launch – An interior with a homey feel

On June 2, Suzuki Motor Corporation launched its third-generation Alto Lapin. This all-new model is based on a new platform and the wheelbase has been extended by 60mm from its previous model to 2,460mm for enhanced spaciousness in the interior.

The interior height has been expanded by 105mm to 2,020mm and the distance from the front to rear seating stretched out by 60mm to 900mm. In addition, it comes equipped with a wider windshield and the top side of the instrument panel has been lowered for a significantly improved frontal view.

The rear door has been widened and the base of the cargo space has been lowered by 30mm for easier loading and unloading of cargo. Moreover, the cargo capacity has been expanded as well to accommodate 115 liters of luggage for four passengers.

Based on the concept of “my room”, the interior has incorporated different designs including an instrument panel that depicts a table, a speedometer that portrays a clock, a navigation system that symbolizes a photo frame, and seats that represent a sofa.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)