Suzuki Alto Lapin X

New Suzuki Alto Lapin Launch: Photo Feature – Third generation with improved gas mileage and more sophisticated design for women

On June 3, Suzuki Motor Corporation announced that they released the Alto Lapin kei car which was recently given a facelift. The first generation model was introduced in 2002, and the second generation, in 2008. This will be the third generation model.

The predecessor model is 90% used by women; 60% of that are aged 20s to 30s. The target users for the new model are women, and from its design to its equipment, it was indeed developed for them.

They added roundness on the unique box-shaped form of the exterior, which gives off a warm impression. They were particular on the details and used head lamps designed like rings. In addition, they created a flower-like design for the wheel, giving off a nostalgic element to it. Furthermore, the rabbit Lapin mark, which was introduced in the previous generation model, was hidden in various locations of the body.

The power train is equipped with an R06A engine, which was used in the new Alto. The transmission is similar; it is available in CVT and Auto Gear Shift (AGS). It achieves 35.3km/liter fuel consumption in JC08 mode by using enecharge and the new idling stop function (enecharge was first equipped on the Lapin).

Its major feature is its 120kg reduced weight from the predecessor model’s, which was obtained by reducing the weight of the suspension, engine, and body including the rigid new platform.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)