The colored resin interior panel used in the new Durabio grade

New Suzuki Alto Lapin Launch: joint development of Durabio with Mitsubishi for colored resin interior panels

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation announced their joint development with Suzuki for a new grade of Durabio combined with other materials (into alloy), and the adoption of colored resin interior panels for the new Alto Lapin.

The Durabio is a bioengineering plastic made from the isosorbide of plant-based materials that can be regenerated. It has excellent shock resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance. It also has good coloring, and just by the combination of its pigments, it looks durable and brilliant, and it’s not easily scratched. For this reason, it did not need to undergo any coating process, and the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated from coating as well emission has been reduced. Moreover, bacteria does not stick to it when it is rinsed with water.

The Durabio developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation was first used as a bioengineering plastic technology for automobile colored resin interior panels in 2013. This time, while the two companies maintained the high scratch resistance, weather resistance, and bacteria resistance of the Durabio, they also freely used alloy technology, which allowed them to succeed in new developments such as increasing shock and heat resistance and lowering weight.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)