Suzuki Alto Lapin

New Suzuki Alto Lapin Launch: 120kg light weight, 35.6km/l gas mileage, and its rounded square design

Suzuki Motor Corporation fully improved the Alto Lapin kei car and will release it on June 3.

They researched and analyzed the things women look for and want in a vehicle. They incorporated these on the new Alto Lapin, the third generation model, during the planning and development of its design, function, equipment, and accessories.

In addition, its design particularly aims to give off a warm impression. It was created with a rounded square form. Roundness was incorporated into its box-shaped exterior, a design unique to the Lapin. The interior is filled with sofas and tables. It has a space where one can relax as if he’s is in his own room. Furthermore, it is given rich combinations of different body and interior colors, so they could choose a type of vehicle for themselves.

The ample interior space uses a premium UV and IR glass on the front door (L, S, X), a nanoe-equipped full-auto airconditioner, and a storage that pursue a sophisticated design and ease of use. In addition, they incorporated a lot of equipment and functions that will address the needs of women, including an omnidirectional monitor and a meter voice guidance function (S, X) that support safe driving.

On the environmental aspect, it achieved 120kg lightweight and 35.6km/liter (JC08 mode) low fuel consumption by adopting a powertrain that has new and enhanced platform and efficiency. The basic performance sought in kei cars, such as standard equipped advance safety performance that includes radar brake support in all models, has significantly evolved.

Its cost ranges from 1,077,840 yen to 1,492,560 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)