Toyota Corolla Fielder W×B

Toyota Corolla Fielder Review: “A wagon standard equipped with Advance Safety Equipment, suitable for dogs and spending the night in” by Naoki Aoyama

After a long wait, I finally test drove the Corolla Fielder. It is a vehicle equipped with Toyota’s first safety equipment package Toyota Safety Sense C.

The test drive vehicle is the 1.8S W×B. It is a gasoline model with a black×white interior, paired with its masculine black body.

Regarding the Toyota Safety Sense C which is first used in Toyota, together with the laser and camera, the package has an automatic brake/pre-crash safety functions that operate at 10 to 80k/h speed range; a lane departure alert that detects deviating of vehicles; and a automatic high beam that detects preceding or incoming vehicles; and it automatically switches between high and low beam. The package became a standard equipment, except for the base grade (the OP price of the base grade is 54,000 yen). Does it mean that this Corolla won’t ever crash?

A preceding vehicle’s lane departure notice function lets the driver know and detect lane departure of preceding vehicles. All models are standard equipped with a Drive-Start Control that regulates sudden acceleration when operating the shift, and an emergency brake signal that automatically turns the hazard lamp on when there is a sudden brake. The only thing that’s left for you, if you want a more advanced safety equipment, is the Adaptive Cruise Control, which is currently not installed.

The Corolla Fielder just celebrated its third year since its debut. The W×B’s running performance, which uses 16-inches large-diameter tires, has a firm, sporty feel as expected. The riding comfort seems relative depending on the road. However, users who chose the W×B may be able to tolerate it; it is an acceptable riding comfort.

Accordingly, its footwork also has a sporty feel. Its sense of stability, when changing lanes on mountain and high-speed roads, and the ease when taking a turn are outstanding.

Its 1.8-liter, four cylinder engine is quiet and rotates smoothly. It is actually easy to maneuver and handle, because it adapts flexibly to the accelerator’s operation.

Normally, a standard 15-inch tire has a minimum turning radius of 4.9m. However, it is a bit disappointing that the 15-inch tires equipped in this vehicle have a 5.5m huge radius.

Did you know that the Corolla Fielder is also suitable for a dog ride, and for you to spend the night in?

The aperture ground height of the luggage compartment is 570 to 580mm, lower compared to the average value of the world’s original wagon. With this height, large and medium sized dogs can easily get on and off the vehicle. The floor beneath the rear seat has a huge space with its 1505mm width and 970mm depth. Underneath are shallow under-floor storage areas located in the front and rear. Thus, even if you place a dog on the floor, there are still areas where you can store cleaning tools and dog goods. In addition, it is easy to get on and off the vehicle from the rear door, because the rear seat is comparably low.

The W×B’s seat is pure white! I think it is normal for one to be worried about it getting dirty, especially if you let a dog ride on it. But there is no need to worry, since it has an anti-stain function due to its synthetic leather. Typically, it’s wrong to place your pets on a car seat. However, this is not a problem if the your seat is equipped with Toyota’s genuine pet seat cover.

The rear seat is sufficiently wide. Aside from the 115mm overhead space, the knee space is 195mm, based on the driving position of a 172cm driver. The foot room is generous because the floor is completely flat and without a tunnel convex, which is unique to a wagon.

About spending the night in this vehicle, the depth of the cargo room is 970mm when using the rear seat. However, the floor depth is 1580mm; you may get yourself a bed if you bring down the 6:4 division rear seat. It would seem like a person with a 160cm height or above can’t take a good sleep in this vehicle. However, when you flip and mount the headrest, it will add length on the headrest part, which can serve as your pillow, and you can have a bed with a 1750mm length. In other words, a person with a 175cm height can indeed stretch straight inside this vehicle and sleep well. This is one idea to extend the bed length and a trick that can be used in other wagons as well.

Many simple-looking sedan Corollas are used as business vehicles. However, the Fielder and the latest model’s features really look masculine.
The W×B is worthy to be called a sporty wagon.

Although I test drove the 1.8-liter gasoline vehicle with 16.6km/liter fuel consumption mode, I was free to select a model because the 33.8km/liter fuel consumption mode equipped hybrid model was also provided. Furthermore, I recommend the gasoline vehicle with three stars. Four stars for the hybrid.

â– 5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★★
Interior/comfort: ★★★★
Power Source: ★★★
Footwork: ★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★
Pet Friendliness: ★★★★★

Naoki Aoyama| Automobile Journalist/ Dock Life Journalist

He became a freelance motor journalist after working as an editor for an automotive magazine. He started as a writer that specializes on automotive magazines, then general news magazines and websites. He also worked on publication of pet (dog) and overseas travel, pet and drive-related television program as well as events. He is currently, expanding his career as a dog life producer. He is selected as a committee in Japan Car of the Year.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)