Honda S660

Honda S660 Launch: Creating the world’s best small supercar through its interior design

The interior part of the Honda S660 was designed with the aim to create the world’s best small supercar.

Yuki Inamori of Honda R&D Center design room studio 1 explained why. The keyword for this concept is “super cockpit.” “We wanted to make a driver space that would feel like you are sitting on a cockpit in Formula 1. We want our customers to feel the excitement and enjoyment in operating a car,” he said.

Specifically, aside from the fact that its form was altered as if the driver is enclosed by its center console, all things you need to operate are near your own hands as you grip the steering wheel.

Moreover, its steering wheel has a small diameter of 350Ï€. “It’s a joy to feel something like ‘All right, let’s go!’ the moment you grip the steering wheel and push the start button,” he said.

Its interior colors were also coordinated to emphasize the super cockpit concept. According to Ayumi Ochiai of Honda R&D Center design room studio 3, “The asymmetry in seat colors was challenging to create. Moreover, we were particular on the feel of the raw materials for this tight space, which aims to make you savor the experience of having an authentic sports car.”

The asymmetric style is a concept that was formulated from the idea of creating a super car or an authentic sports car. “There are super cars that do not have passenger seats. I was inspired by that, so I proposed to change the colors of the left and the right seats,” she explained.

“We are thinking of improving this development hereafter, if the customers agree with this concept,” she added.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)