New Mazda Roadster launch

New Mazda Roadster Launch: Particular on the presentation and allure, finally reaching a conclusion

Mazda Motor Corporation unveiled on May 19 its new Roadster, its fourth generation model. This vehicle is the sixth new product that uses Mazda’s Skyactiv technology and Soul of Motion design.

Nobuhiro Yamamoto served as the development chief examiner during the presentation. Yamamoto said, “Its design makes everyone’s heart throb in an instant,” regarding the appeal of the Roadster.

â—† Achieving allure, after a long journey

In various discussions, commitment to Mazda’s design has always been mentioned. This time, however, they included a strong commitment on ‘dimensions’ as something indispensable in terms of its design.

Regarding their commitment on ‘dimensions’, Design Chief Ikuo Maeda, who supervises Mazda’s design, said, “Companies that work in three dimensions are decreasing. Car designs may be done in an instant, if you opt to be unmindful of the process, since we live in the digital era. However, for us, the real process only starts after that. We put so much effort within months. We come up with its allure, and that’s when we have reached the conclusion.”

Parts that Mazda enstrusted to the clay modeller are very durable. Maeda said, “That is our DNA.” However, because of the Soul of Motion design, they have been very particular on the beauty of proportion.

“Along with the tire and engine, we place the body on the platform, then create a clay model–this is how we do it. Because of that, the ‘dimensions’ come out as beautiful. However, if you look at it as a whole, you’d find something weird. Proportion is the most important aspect of design, followed by the form. The priority is reversed,” explains Maeda.

â—† Particular on its presentation that shows its allure

Tokyo event hall was chosen as the venue for the presentation. Regarding the reason they held the presentation in this place, Maeda said, “This venue itself is the most important element of the presentation. Chandeliers in hotel halls are a bit unpleasant. We are lucky to have found out this.”

A large circular light is hanging at the ceiling of the stage. A red and white object is enshrined under it. Maeda said regarding this, “The line on the body will not appear when you direct the spotlight into it. It produces a reflection, thus creating a dull impression, like how ink on a painting would look like if there is no large circular light. Although it reflects its color, its allure is lost when it is under the spotlight.”

The venue, surrounded in black, has a calm feel to it. There are no writings on the walls; its concept seem almost unified with the recent Mazda dealer concept. When they first went to the place, they instantly felt that that was it.

“We were reluctant to have the environment around reflected, because then the form will appear unclear. Mazda’s idea was the opposite; it aimed to exhibit three dimensions made by the effect of its reflection. We then started to create that disc,” said Maeda.

â—† The success of Soul of Motion design and its future evolution

Mazda completed full lineup of new generation products by having the Roadster. What will happen beyond this point then? If they were able to produce this kind of perfection, there will be higher expectations of their next move. Maeda acknowledged this difficulty.

“It had been said that the brand is tied up. In the future, we will create “Evolution”, which will be recognized by whoever looks at it, while our design trend will continue ascending. We want you to expect this, because we are determined to show a form that is more evolved,” Maeda concluded.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)