Suzuki Spacia X

Suzuki equips NA model of Spacia with S-Ene Charge, giving it 30km/l low fuel consumption

Suzuki Motor Corporation partially improved its Spacia and Spacia Custom kei cars. They will begin selling it on May 19.

In this partial improvement, they equipped both naturally aspirated (NA) models with S-Ene Charge, which performs an engine stop from quiet and smooth stopped state.
Furthermore, it achieved 32km/liter (JC08 mode) low fuel consumption by combining the S-Ene Charge, which increases the time and frequency for the motor assistance, with the R06A engine, which was subjected to improvements such as enhancement of the combustion efficiency. All NA vehicles were subjected to tax exemption based on the eco-car tax reduction.

In addition, it is equipped with the first dual camera brake support, a crash mitigation system on the stereo camera equipment. It detects vehicles and pedestrians from about 5/km/h up to about 100km/h speed range. It escapes collisions through its alarm and automatic brake, and it supports migitation during collision. It is a factory-installed option for all models, set with lane departure warning function, stagger alarm function, and preceding vehicle start alert function. The safety equipments were all enhanced.

In addition, it uses premium UV and IR cut glass, full automatic conditioner with Nanoe, and omnidirectional monitor, which detects surrounding objects and is seemingly able to view the vehicle from above. In addition, it uses an interior design with improved texture.

Furthermore, the turbo model is equipped with the S-Ene Charge on both Spacia and Spacia Custom. It is scheduled to be launched on August 2015.

The NA model of Spacia costs 1,274,400 yen to 1,503,360 yen and the Spacia Custom costs 1,528,200 yen to 1,762,560. yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)