Honda Step WGN G

Photo Feature: Honda Step WGN Release – Exterior based on “Modern Functional Beauty”

On April 24, Honda Motor Company released their all-new Step WGN. This fifth-generation model that debuted back in 1996, features a downsized direct-injected 1.5-liter VTEC turbo engine.

Based on Honda’s design concept called Modern Functional Beauty, the exterior is equipped with Waku Waku Gate, which allows the rear door to open up or to the side. The interior is based on their Beautility-Living concept featuring an extension of 30mm in height from the previous model, as well as an expansion of the hip point by 40mm on the first and third rows of seating for enhanced spaciousness.

The exterior measures at 4,690 x 1,840 x 1,695mm (length x height x width). Although the length (excluding the Spada) and width are the same as its previous model, the height has been extended by 25mm. The wheelbase has been stretched out by 35mm from the previous Step WGN to 2,890mm.

Waku Waku Gate can be opened to three different angles at 350mm, 610mm, and 830mm depending on the situation.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)