Mugen Shuttle

Honda Shuttle Launch: Mugen develops various customized parts

Mugen Motorsports (M-TEC) developed and unveiled various parts for the new Honda Shuttle. They will release these on May 15 through Mugen parts dealers and Honda Cars nationwide.

The Mugen parts, which were specifically made to fit the vehicle’s body style, were added to the Shuttle. This is for the customers who give importance on quality and uniqueness, based on the Creative Sports Wagon concept.

Its aero parts, such as the front sports grille, which uses a design with the same color as the body; the front and rear under spoiler that puts balance on the overhang and its quality feel; and the side spoilers coated with a silver color, are all designed to show high quality and sportiness at the same time.

For the functional system, they provided parts that can satisfy the customer’s preference in terms of running performance, such as a sports suspension that is exclusively tuned for the Shuttle; the MDG aluminum wheels, which show strength and beauty along with the black coating design and curve on the cut area; and a sports silencer that uses a dual-type design.

For the interior parts, they provided sports mats and sports luggage mats which use heavy fabrics. They provided parts, such as carbon select knob and scuff plate, which exhibit sportiness.

In addition, parts such as the license plate bolts and the titanium emblem, which are cut by a machine (like how a Mugen Racing engine is constructed), are all particular on design and functionality.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)