Honda Shuttle Hybrid X

Honda Shuttle Launch: Designers say they took ideas from original Civic Shuttle

On May 15, Honda unveiled the Shuttle station wagon. It’s a fully remodeled version of the Fit Shuttle, which Honda released in June 2011, with a new name.

Honda is offering a 1.5L HV version like what it offers for the Fit and a 1.5L gasoline version for 1,690,000 to about 2,540,000 yen including tax. Honda R&D Center’s Naohiro Isogai, who was a chief developer on the Shuttle, says that it was developed along the idea of taking the qualities of the original 1983 Civic Shuttle and updating them for 2015.

Using the keyword “Life Create Wagon,” the original Civic Shuttle was a popular model with a spacious interior and other features aimed at meeting the demand for compact wagons. Isogai says, “The wagon is a car born out of the pursuit of functionality, so we were very particular about the luggage space for the new Shuttle. What I think it got from the original Shuttle was that added luggage space, as well as a model that is fun to drive long distances.”

The expanded luggage space he’s talking about is 570 liters, which puts it at the top of the highest class. It also has new ideas like the Multi-Use Basket, a stylish foldable storage basket in the upper portion of the backs of the rear seats.

(Translated by Greg Scott)