Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Hustler with S-Ene Charge gets 32.0km/L

Suzuki has changed the Ene-Charge that the NA (naturally aspirated) and CVT models of its Hustler kei-car are equipped with to the S-Ene Charge. It was released on May 13.

S-Ene Charge uses Suzuki’s proprietary system where the motor kicks in to assist the motor during acceleration. The S-Ene Charge that’s equipped in these Hustler models offers improved time and frequency for the motor assist function than that of the existing S-Ene Charge-equipped Wagon R models, which helps with improved fuel-efficiency. Basically, the ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) motor assistance time has been expanded from the existing 6 seconds to 30 seconds. The motor assist acceleration range has been expanded from the existing 15-85km/h to right after the engine starts to 85km/h.

The S-Ene Charge and the R06A engine it’s combined with, which offers improvements such as higher combustion efficiency, are capable of an excellent fuel efficiency of 32.0km/L for 2WD according to JC08 mode. All models equipped with the S-Ene Charge system qualified for eco-car tax benefits.

Suzuki is also offering two new colors for the Hustler, Crystal White Pearl and Crystal White Pearl Black Two-Tone Roof.

The Hustler with S-Ene Charge is priced at 1,261,440 to 1,621,080 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)