New Honda Step Wagon

New Honda Step Wagon Launch: Interior design sets apart “Modern” Step Wagon and premium Spada

Based on the design concept of “Functionality,” the Honda Step Wagon’s interior design sets it apart from that of the Spada.

Kota Hagiwara of the Honda R&D Center’s design studio explained by tossing off a number of design keywords, saying, “The Step Wagon is ‘Modern’ and ‘Functional.’ The Spada is ‘Premium’ and ‘Functional.'”

About its “Modern” qualities, Mr. Hagiwara said, “When we were developing the Step Wagon, we visited Northern European furniture store.” What makes European furniture special is that it can be used a long time, you grow close to it, and you never get tired of it. From that, Hagiwara says, “We designed the Step Wagon with a comfortable interior that, like European furniture, you never get tired of. When we speak of the design being ‘Modern’, what we mean is taking that quality and combining it with easy-to-use functionality.”

On the other hand the Spada offers a premium feeling, uniqueness and functionality. Its premium feel comes from features such as its use of highly textured materials like the stitching added to the sides of the synthetic leather combination seats. While the Step Wagon’s decorations use wood-grain patterns, the Spada’s have a sporty brushed look, making it appear more dignified. Hagiwara says, “We think this will satisfy drivers who want a premium feel.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)