Rendering of Honda Step WGN design

Honda announces all-new Step WGN: Car interior that makes a clear difference, not a gap

More than ever, the interior of the all-new Step WGN is clearly different from the standard model and the Spada.

To date, there have been two types of Step WGNs: the standard model and the Spada model, and when considering the desires of users and sales figures, it was the Spada that had been the main deal.

So when the time came to design the interior for the fifth generation all-new Step WGN, “We wanted our users to clearly recognize the base model of the Step WGN,” said Kota Hagiwara, a member of the Design Team at Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center. “We also designed the Spada so our customers would give it more recognition as well.”

“We created a design encompassing the coordination and shapes within the interior so what had previously been ‘gaps’ would instead become differences,” he said.

So what are these gaps and differences? Upon explaining that it doesn’t mean adding or removing things, Hagiwara said the entire cabin had been coordinated, including seat covers and decorative items, “so people will be able to gain a sense of our design concepts of space the moment that they take a seat.”

As to the respective characteristics, “We tried to produce a warm, bright, sense of texture and coordination for the Step WGN. The Spada was designed with a sleek, substantial concept in mind, more or less with mature sophistication.”

As the usability of the two models is identical due to the same basic design, “We finessed the design so users will be able to choose depending on their lifestyles and tastes,” Hagiwara explained.